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Bonanza Bingo
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Bonanza Bingo Tear-Opens

One of the most profitable and exciting games of all time is now available from Arrow in our popular Capitol® bingo paper series!

Bonanza Bingo offers unlimited ways to play! The most popular method consists of posting 48 numbers to a Tear-Opens flashboard before a regular session starts. Continue to sell Bonanza Bingo as floor sales until the end of the final game of the night. Then, if a player that has a coverall based on the 48 Tear-Opens numbers posted, they are awarded a jackpot prize. If there is no winner using the 48 posted numbers, call the 49th, 50th, etc., and offer a consolation prize for the eventual winner.

Increase your profits by offering a "trade-in" option. If a player does not think their card has a chance of winning, they can trade it in and buy another card at half the price.

Bonanza Bingo Tear Open

Bonanza Bingo Tear-Opens

Available Series Available Cut(s)
1 - 9,000 1S1, 3V1
9,001 - 18,000 1S1

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