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Casino Bingo Tear-Opens

Casino Bingo is a fun way to increase your profits and provide excitement for players!

Casino Bingo Tear-Opens are great as a progressive cover-all game before a regular session. In a progressive jackpot game, for a cover-all in 50 numbers or less, the hall has better odds of paying out their consolation prize instead of the whole jackpot. With a progressive jackpot, the longer the jackpot is held, the bigger the prize. A larger jackpot means growing attendance!

Casino Bingo Tear Open

Casino Bingo Tear-Opens

Available Series Player Preferred Available Cut(s)
1 - 9,000 - 1S1, 3V1
27,001 - 36,000 - 1S1
36,001 - 45,000 1S1
45,001 - 54,000 1S1, 3V1

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