Elvis Tear-Opens

Put on your Blue Suede Shoes and celebrate The King of Rock 'n Roll with Arrow's Elvis Tear-Opens bingo paper!

Elvis Tear-Opens are available in two different formats. A 1S1 format is available featuring a 1 ON face. Elvis graphics appear on both sides of the ticket for quick and easy recognition.

A 3V1 format is also available, which contains a 3 ON with two bingo faces along with one of four different pictures of Elvis that are randomly printed throughout the set.

Elvis Tear-Opens Paper

1S1 Format

This 1 ON Elvis Tear-Opens bingo paper is great for special Elvis events and theme nights! There are two series and colors available, so trade-in sales work just like a regular Tear-Opens game!

  • "ELVIS 1" through "ELVIS 4" is randomly printed at the bottom of each ticket for more gaming options, such as offering different prize amounts for each level
  • Play as a regular Tear-Opens game, a coverall, or a progressive jackpot game
  • Heavy weight paper stock, and audit numbers for added security
  • 1,000 tickets per tray; 9 trays per case

ELVIS is a registered trademark of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

3V1 Format

Get All Shook Up with our 3 ON Elvis Tear-Opens! With one of four different pictures of Elvis randomly printed throughout the set, these Tear-Opens can be played with a twist by using the pictures to determine the prize awarded!

  • Up to 4 different prize levels
  • Play as a regular Tear-Opens game, a coverall, or a progressive jackpot game
  • Audit numbers for added securityy
  • 1,000 tickets per tray; 3 trays per case


Elvis Tear-Opens Paper

Elvis Tear-Opens

Available Series Cut Item Number Color
27,001 - 36,000 1S1 81560109


36,001 - 45,000 3V1 81550126V

Red (option A)

36,001 - 45,000 3V1 81550126V2

Red (option B)

45,001 - 54,000 1S1 81560108


Approximate % in Tray

3V1 Layout
Ticket Type 1S1 Layout Option A Option B
ELVIS 1 40% 30% 40%
ELVIS 2 30% 25% 30%
ELVIS 3 20% 25% 20%
ELVIS 4 10% 20% 10%

Get the full Rock 'n Roll experience with Arrow's Elvis themed bingo ink markers!

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